The Cracked Mirror - Desire(C30/limited.13)
Released on "Deadline Recordings/Dead Audio Tapes"

The Cracked Mirror - Damage(C40/limited.60)
Released on "Phage Tapes"

The Cracked Mirror - Despair (C40/limited.35)
Released on "Grotesque"

The Cracked Mirror - I'll Give You Endless Pain (s/sided C40)
Released on "SNSE/Gaping Hole"


Last Tears(CDr/Limited.15),Noise Ninja Records
Forever Death(2xCDr/Limited.6),Noise Ninja Records
I'll Give You Endless Pain(s/sided C40),SNSE/Gaping Hole
Damage(C40/Limited.60),Phage Tapes
Desire(C30/Limited.13),Deadline Recordings/Dead Audio Tapes